Why does the bumper mold adopt the internal fractal structure design

The replacement of metal bumpers by plastic bumpers is a development trend in the automotive industry. At present, the design of plastic bumper molds mainly adopts two structures:
  • Outer fractal
  • Inner fractal
The first structure is simpler than the mold design, while the second structure is relatively more complicated than the first structure.
But now that consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of cars, the internal fractal that was originally used only by high-end car bumpers has gradually replaced the first structure. Due to the company's confidentiality, I will probably talk about the internal fractal;
Since the parting line is set on the B side, if the conventional inclined plane is used for pushing, the pushing mechanism after the mold is opened will interfere with the oblique pushing block when the mold is opened, causing mold damage. Therefore, avoiding the collision between the inclined top and the fixed mold becomes the design point.

Generally solved by the following points

  • 1. When the mold is opened, the inclined top block is pushed out synchronously, that is, when the mold is opened, the push plate (also using a nitrogen spring) is pushed by hydraulic pressure to maintain the relative position of the push plate and the fixed mold.
  • 2.Using the deformability of the product, the end of the part is pulled in by the horizontal slider in the inclined top block, and the stroke is controlled by the guide rail at the end of the horizontal slider, so that the end of the part is separated from the fixed barb.
  • 3. Open the mold to separate the product from the fixed mold.
  • 4. Continue to push out, and control the lateral sliding outward movement through the guide rail at the end of the lateral slider, so that the product deformation is reset.
  • 5. Finally, continue to eject upwards until the product is removed.
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