Corner treatment of mold parting surface for automotive mold design

When many novices in mold design just mentioned automobile molds, the first idea was that they were difficult to make, and the molds were inseparable, or they could not be separated for processing. For automotive products, the difficulty of splitting the mold is nothing more than the position of the corner. As long as the position of the corner can be handled well, the car mold is nothing. Then I will share some of the processing techniques for the corner position of the parting surface of the automobile mold.
Automotive mold
1.Flat the product on the X-Y plane, insert-derived curve-extract, select the product, select the extracted contour curve, and extract the parting line
Handling Techniques for the Corner Position of the Car Mould Parting Surface in Car Mould Design
2. Handling Techniques at Corner 1
(1) The wrong way of handling, the parting surface drawn directly in the X axis has sharp corners
(2) Correct processing method: first set the coordinates at an angle of 45 °, then stretch it in the X axis, and use corner correction with extension and extension. The parting surface produced is not sharp.
3. Handling Techniques at Corner 2
(1) First use the stretch command to stretch the parting surface on both sides, leaving the position 2 at the corner.
(2) Bridge the curve, use the curve to make the mesh surface, and constrain the surface to be tangent, the resulting surface is smooth!
4. Handling Techniques at Corner 3
(1) First use the stretch command to stretch the parting surface on both sides, leaving 3 at the corner.
(2) Corner 3 is relatively smooth, and it can be made with bridging surfaces.
5.Handling skills at corner 4;
(1) Corner 4 is treated the same way as corner 1. If there is a sharp corner when directly stretched, the coordinates must first be placed at an angle of 45 °, and then stretched in the X axis
(2) Corner treatment with modification and extension, and finally get parting surface
auto mould design

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