Seaco Mould specializes in manufacturing various plastic bucket molds, paint bucket molds, chemical bucket molds, plastic IML packaging bucket molds, fertilizer bucket molds, laundry liquid bucket molds, lubricant bucket molds, oil bucket molds, antifreeze liquid bucket molds , Pesticide pass mold, our company produces more than 20 sets of plastic bucket molds per year, accumulated rich mold design, processing, manufacturing and sending samples, specializing in plastic bucket mold design, plastic bucket mold steel selection, injection design, plastic bucket mold matching selection Type, providing OEM and ODM customer customized services.
Plastic bucket mold is an important part of plastic packaging bucket mold. Plastic buckets need to be sealed and packaged accurately. They require precise mold processing, suitable hook depth, tight fit and can be dismantled repeatedly to facilitate the later maintenance services of plastic buckets. It can not only prevent anti-theft sealing, but also not affect the use effect of the secondary sealing in the later stage. We have accumulated a wealth of experience, have a deep understanding in paint bucket mold design, steel, hot runner, injection molding process, etc., for many customers to provide quality plastic bucket packaging bucket mold.
Our plastic bucket mold processing cycle is 60 days. The cavity is made of long and high-quality 2738/718 / P20 high-quality mold steel. The core is made of domestic Shanghai / 718 / P20, which not only guarantees the quality of the mold, but also has a mold life of 500,000-1 million times. , And, the cost of the mold is optimized.
The molding cycle of the plastic bucket mold is generally 20-30 seconds. Blessing our excellent mold cooling design scheme can effectively save the mold molding cycle and reduce costs. We will also provide beryllium copper inlay for high-quality molds, which can better guarantee the mold performance.
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