Analysis of the causes of the fusion line of plastic mold products and corresponding improvement measures


Overview of fusion patterns of plastic mold products:

mould injection problem of weld line
1. Weld lines are also called weld marks, poor welds, weld seams, sutures, etc .;
2. It refers to a linear mark formed on the surface of the product when the front ends of the plastic fluids meet, which not only hinders the aesthetics of the product but also affects the mechanical properties of the product;
3. The main cause of fusion lines is that when several melts meet together in the cavity, they cannot be fused with each other at the intersection and form linear traces;

The fusion patterns produced by plastic mold products are classified as follows:

1. Divided into two types, Meld Line and Weld Line;
2. The difference lies in the size of the angle 0 between the two melt fronts. If θ> 135 °, a dissolution line is formed, otherwise a weld mark is formed;

Formation mechanism of fusion pattern of plastic mold products:

1. The molecular orientation at the weld line position changes strongly, and the mechanical structure strength at that position is obviously weakened;
2. The weld marks are mixed at a certain angle, which is more consistent with the molecular orientation of the weld line. The structural strength of the formation position is greater than the weld line, and it is not obvious visually;

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