When Huangyan Mold factory come back to work after coronavirus

On February 12, Bao Shunfu, deputy secretary of the district party committee and acting head of the district, went to Jiangkou, Beicheng and other places to investigate the resumption of production and restart of thermal power plants and key industrial enterprises. Bao Shunfu emphasized that the latest decision-making and deployment of the central government, provinces and municipalities should be fully implemented, the principle of priority in epidemic prevention and control should be maintained, and the company's resumption of production and production should be promoted in an orderly manner, ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development will be "two-handed, two-hard" District committee member and executive deputy head Cai Liming attended.
When Huangyan Mold factory come back to work after coronavirus
"How much is the production capacity now?" "Is there any difficulty in guaranteeing supply?" On the morning of the same day, Bao Shunfu first came to Huangyan Thermal Power Company to investigate the steam supply and epidemic prevention and control measures. Bao Shunfu pointed out that this is still a critical period for epidemic prevention and control. It is necessary to closely follow the focus of epidemic prevention and control, continue to implement the main responsibility, carry out various prevention and control work rigorously, and restore normal production in a scientific, safe and orderly manner. Make every effort to provide thermal protection for the resumption of production and production of related enterprises.
Zhejiang Gaoao Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. has resumed production. The company earnestly implements the requirements of prevention and control work, and has set up prevention and control links such as entrance disinfection tanks, body temperature monitoring points, and hand-washing supervision offices. It also publicizes the prevention and control policy system in various ways. Bao Shunfu affirmed this. He emphasized that departments at all levels should strengthen guidance on the prevention and control of outbreaks of enterprises and resume work, deepen the "three services" activities, and help timely solve the difficult needs of employees such as returning to work and recruiting workers. Various prevention and control and service guarantee measures have been put in place to ensure that the epidemic is controllable and production is orderly. He also hopes that the enterprise will maintain its determination and firm confidence, maintain a firm bottom line for prevention and control, compact its responsibility for prevention and control, and achieve better development while achieving safe production.
In Zhejiang Saihao Industrial Co., Ltd., Baoshun Fu entered the workshop, asked about production, checked prevention and control, carefully checked the implementation of the company's epidemic prevention and control measures, and asked in detail about the need to resume work and resume production. Bao Shunfu emphasized that it is necessary to strictly implement the relevant decision-making and deployment of the central, provincial and urban areas, the local subdistricts and relevant departments to provide guidance and services in place, and enterprises to strengthen prevention and control measures, equip them with protective equipment, and do a good job of health detection for returning workers. Arrange return work and return to work.
Today is the first day of the resumption of work of Lianhua Technology Co., Ltd. In the afternoon, Bao Shunfu made a special trip to the company to check the implementation of resumption of production and the prevention and control of the epidemic situation. He pointed out that in this special period, under the premise of good epidemic prevention and control, enterprises should take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, increase productivity, and contribute more to the economic and social development of the entire region. Relevant departments must fully support the resumption of production and production of enterprises, coordinate and solve the problems of employment, energy use, logistics and other issues, and ensure that both the epidemic prevention and control of the enterprise and the production and operation are correct. Effective guidance, preparation in advance and strict control will allow more qualified enterprises to resume work and resume production more quickly.

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