does taizhou mould factory come back to work during coronavirus


Are there any difficulties after the enterprises resume work one after another? Are epidemic prevention and control measures in place? On the morning of February 11, Chen Jianxun, the secretary of the district party committee, rushed to Chengjiang, Xinqian, Jiangkou and other places to carry out special investigations on logistics and express delivery, and the resumption of production and industrial enterprises, to help alleviate the difficulties. Chen Jianxun emphasized that all levels and departments must thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important speech, and in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Central and Provincial Party Committees and Municipal Committees, further improve the political standing, adhere to the one-handed focus on epidemic prevention and control, the resumed work and resumed work, and control the entire process Epidemic situation, continue to deepen the "three services" activities, fully serve the enterprise, and on the premise of ensuring safety, actively promote the company to resume production and work smoothly and orderly. Let logistics express delivery "quick", enterprises resume work and resume production, "mobilize", and coordinate to win the prevention and control of the blocking war and the development of the overall war. District leaders Cai Liming and Jin Zhemeng participated in the survey.
"Are the personnel and vehicles in place?" "Are there any issues that need to be resolved by the party committee and government?" At Huangyan Post Branch, Chen Jianxun was concerned about the post-delivery business and resumed production as soon as he entered the door. He pointed out that at present, fighting the epidemic is still the overriding priority, and on this premise, all levels and departments must promote the resumption of production and work in an orderly and safe manner. Logistics and express delivery companies are an important force in fighting the epidemic, stabilizing the market, protecting people's livelihood, and ensuring the normal operation of the entire society. The resumption of work in the logistics and express delivery industry can effectively meet the needs of the people and alleviate the pressure of gathering people. Party committees and governments at all levels must provide more precise and accurate services for express logistics companies that undertake the distribution of anti-epidemic materials and living materials, and do their best to solve the actual difficulties of enterprises, so that express delivery can "fasten up" and ensure the basic life of ordinary people. Enterprises must also strictly implement their main responsibilities, carefully disinfect the sites and vehicles, protect the distribution personnel, and internal control of personnel in accordance with relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control, implement various prevention and control measures, and continue to explore new services for “non-contact distribution” services. Mode to achieve contactless delivery, reduce the risk of infection, and make every effort to ensure safety.
Xinli Technology Co., Ltd. has resumed work. The company conscientiously implemented the requirements for prevention and control, and formulated related management systems and emergency plans in a timely manner. Enter the factory area before disinfection, and then take a temperature measurement. The notice board posted the necessary readings for employees to return to work during the epidemic prevention and control, clearly marking the various matters that employees must pay attention to in the office, workplace, on the way to and from work, and at home after the start of work. The various procedures of "Four Sample Treasures" and "Seven-Step Washing Techniques" are clear at a glance. Chen Jianxun fully affirmed this, and he emphasized that in such a special period, the party committee and government will definitely stand by the company and take the initiative to serve forward, and effectively help the company solve the practical difficulties such as logistics and logistics, and stabilize production for the company. 2. Expanding the market provides strong protection. Departments at all levels must highlight the key points and provide precise policies to continuously deepen the "three services" activities. They must have both a sense of service and a level of service, and they must have a structure and ability to dare to take responsibility. Townships and sub-districts must effectively implement their territorial responsibilities, competent authorities must strengthen supervision and guidance, and enterprises must also take the main responsibility, and the three parties must work together to form a joint force. Under the premise of ensuring that the epidemic is controllable, resume production and work smoothly and orderly.
In Zhejiang Kaihua Mould Co., Ltd., Chen Jianxun affirmed the company's strict implementation of eight epidemic prevention and control measures from entering the factory to the production link. He emphasized that the epidemic prevention and control work must be implemented in strict accordance with the decisions of the provincial and municipal committees. In the first place, strengthen the entire process control, from the entire enterprise to as small as every link, a closed loop of work must be formed. The townships (streets) and related departments in the territories should perform excellent and excellent services, reflect the temperature while working hard, and guide and urge enterprises to resume work and production in an orderly manner under the premise of safety.
Chen Jianxun also made a special trip to Lianhua Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on understanding the problems existing in the company's resumption of production and production. When he learned that the company was about to resume work, Chen Jianxun was very happy. He said that we must do a good job in preventing and controlling the epidemic with a rock-solid confidence, and we must work hard to resume work and resume production. The party committee and government will make every effort to provide accurate services for enterprises. Enterprises must also shoulder their own responsibilities, make full preparations, strictly implement various preventive and control measures, achieve orderly return to work, work safely, restore production capacity as soon as possible, and achieve normal operation.

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