High Medical mould supplier of China

The Seaco Mould mold factory mainly produces injection molds such as precision molds and medical molds. The Pufit mold factory has opened a window for high-end mold manufacturing for the Beijing market through its own equipment and processes. Although the Pufit mold factory has been established for only a few years, However, our business has developed to some well-known brands at home and abroad, and complete some demanding precision requirements for these manufacturers.
High Medical mould supplier of China
  • 1. Why can Seaco Mould mold factory be established to make high-quality molds, but can we make high-end mold products?
Because we and our equipment are all world-class products, our talents are all highly-paid professionals who have been in the mold industry for 10 to 20 years.
  • 2. Why did the Seaco Mould plant buy such good mold equipment right after its establishment?
Because we want to build the high-end market of Beijing mold factory, with high-end precision molds, high-end medical molds, high-end auto parts molds as the center of the slowly spreading development.
Use the facts to create the high-end market of Beijing mold factory, high-end precision molds, medical molds, auto parts molds.

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