Plastic sharps disposal container mould and medical sharps container mould

plastic sharps disposal container mould and medical sharps container mould, this is called medical dustbin mould, we offer high quality mecial medical sharps mold making and manufacturer....

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Puncture resistant
Stackable for easy storage
Transparent top provides visual identification of fill level
Needle removal port for easy disposal
Locking lids for safe transport
Wall brackets are available

1.R&D                  Customers provide plastic Medical Sharps Box design or samples for us
2.Negotiation         Mutual discuss for the materials ,the price ,delivery time  etc
3.Place the order    Strictly do according to the order to meet our customer needs
4.Mould                Design confirmation by our customer-Mold making strictly by the design
5.Sample               Trial sample-our customer confirm p-move forward to batch production
6.Delivery              Delivery could according to our customers required by sea

Item # Capacity Size Case Carton Meas.
SP0010 1QT W4",D4.25",H6.3" 165 60X50X50CM
SP0020 2QT W8.1",D6.3",H5.5" 70 62X34X45CM
SP0030 3QT W4.12",D4.12",H10" 30 48X32X58CM
SP0040 4QT W9",D6.15",H6.15" 100 60X60X50CM
SP0050 5QT W9.64",D8",H6.70" 60 51X42X57CM
SP0080 8QT W12.5,D7.8",H11" 20 63X43X54CM
SP0140 14QT W14.2,D8.85",H10.8" 22 39X47X75CM

Standard Molds for Plastic Medical Sharps Containers
Suncity has Standard molds for a wide variety of plastic medical sharps containers. For customers interested in taking advantage of these molds, our standard molds are ready to be developed for production with minimal time and capital.

Custom Molds for Plastic Medical Sharps Containers
Suncity designs and builds custom molds to meet customers' specific requirements and manufactures a variety of plastic medical sharps containers.

To create truly unique small plastic medical sharps containers, you can combine custom colors with a custom mold from our design team.


1,We are the manufacturer which offer the Plastic Medical Sharps Box Mould with reasonable price to trade companies and factories.

2, We have more than 10 years mould manufacture experience.

3, Certification of ISO9001,CE. We are good at management and production.

4, Wholesales & Large mould order have discount.

5,We will offer you the qualified mould you required.

A.We will send weekly month mould progress report and tooling schedule.
B. We will send the first testing sample for buyer's inspection and work out improvement requirements.
C. We will send the mould testing video, 2D part drawing and 3D mould design .
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