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1. Taizhou Huangyan Haichuan Mould Factory is a professional manufacturer of trash can moulds with different specifications and models.2. Plastic trash can mould series of seaco mould....

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trashcan mould
1. Taizhou Huangyan Haichuan Mould Factory is a professional manufacturer of trash can moulds with different specifications and models.
2. Plastic trash can mould series of seaco mould
(Including plastic trash can mould, environmentally friendly trash can mould, pedal trash can mould, induction trash can mould, household plastic trash can mould, hotel trash can mould, sanitation plastic trash can mould, peel bin trash can mould, plastic pedal trash Bucket mould, round trash can mould, automobile trash can mould, mobile trash can mould, outdoor trash can mould, indoor trash can mould, trash can mould, plastic trash can mould, sanitation equipment trash can mould, household daily trash can Moulds, etc. plastic trash can mould)
Commonly used mold steels are: 45 #, 40Cr, P20, 2738, 2316, 718, NAK80, S136 and so on.
Plastic trash bin molds are generally recommended to use 718 and Shanghai Baosteel P20 materials (because 718, Shanghai Baosteel P20 through our company's mold manufacturing process can not only improve the life of the mold, but also increase the surface gloss of the products injected by the mold No burrs / burrs will appear at the same time.)
Number of mold cavities: single cavity
Mold cooling: Circulating water is used to effectively improve product quality and mold ejection efficiency.
Mid-term processing of the mold: quenching and tempering, improving hardness.
Post-treatment: Post-treatment: Nitriding treatment, mold surface hardness greater than HV850, quenching treatment, the overall hardness of the mold cavity can reach HRC48 degrees or more.
Mold life: normal use is not less than 1 million mold times
Mode of transportation: Before the molds are shipped, the clamping plate must be installed for logistics transportation.
After-sales service: The plastic mold is guaranteed for 2 years, and free maintenance during the warranty period.
Remarks: During the production process of plastic trash can molds, we will provide customers with mold progress every month.
Material of plastic products: PE, PPR, PVC, ABS
Plastic mold production cycle: 45 days
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