Plastic trashcan mould injection process

  1. Mold specifications
  2. Mold name: Plastic trash can mold
  3. Product specifications: 120L
  4. mold cavity: 1 cavity
  5. mold size: 1100x1100x1600mm
  6. Applicable machine: 2000T
  7. mold main material: DIN 1.2738 + copper beryllium
  8. Mold injection system: 1 point
  9. Demoulding system: Stripping template.
  10. Mould cycle time: 80 seconds.
  11. Mould running: 500K.
  12. Delivery time: 85 working days.
trash can mold
Mould features: complex mould structure. The application of copper-beryllium alloy can obtain the best cooling effect, the stroke switch accurately controls the ejection process, the use and operation of the oil-water collector is more convenient, and the copper guide sleeve has strong wear resistance.

Due to product quality, shape, color and light weight, trash bins are very popular in the market and have now replaced steel materials.

Seacomould Mould provides a variety of hot-selling plastic trash can moulds, such as outdoor plastic trash can moulds, trash can moulds, plastic pedal trash can moulds, plastic swing trash can moulds, Bil medical trash can moulds. Wheeled pedal trash can molds with capacities ranging from 30L, 60L, 90L, 120L, 240L, 360L, 1100L..

Seacomould Mould provides a full range of services from design, mold maker to after-sales service.

Seacomould is good at making all kinds of trash cans, trash cans and trash can molds. Has more than 16 years of experience in indoor and outdoor trash bin design and mold manufacturing.

With the help of an efficient cooling system, the injection cycle time will be shortened, thereby saving more processing costs and time. Oceanpower pays great attention to the mold cooling system and production stability. Our goal is to enable customers to run molds as soon as possible for mass production without any mold repair work.

Mould Flow Analysis of Plastic Trash Can Mould

MPI/filling time

By simulating the injection molding process, we can predict the time required to manufacture the product.


adjusts the temperature distribution of the product by simulating the injection molding process and further ensures the surface quality of the product.

MPI / Welding line

By simulating the formation of welding line, we try our best to avoid this situation in mold design.

MPI/air trap

can improve work efficiency by simulating the auxiliary air extraction system in injection.

MPI / Pressure

By simulating the injection process, we understand the pressure of different parts of the product, so we can adjust the pressure of different parts.


By simulating the temperature of the product during the injection molding process, we can predict the possible deformation area of ​​the product.

Quality Control

In Seacomould Molding, the quality process starts at the beginning of each project. We prove this commitment by providing high-quality tools designed and manufactured, so that our customers get the most value. We define quality as total customer satisfaction. As we continue to improve the strength of our employees and processes, this drives us to pursue excellence in all aspects of our business.

After receiving the CAD data, the internal coordinate measuring machine (CMM) will be used to manufacture, form, test and inspect the mold. All these activities are carried out by our experienced employees in our factories in accordance with strict quality control guidelines to ensure that they meet the specific requirements of customers.

Main quality control procedures

1. Mold design control

2. Steel certification

3. Mold steel hardness inspection

4. Mold electrode inspection

5. Core and cavity steel size inspection

6. Mold pre-assembly inspection

7. Mold test report and sample inspection

8. Final inspection before mold shipment

9. Export mold packaging inspection

Why us

We are professional and experienced in injection mold manufacturing and manufacturing solutions. We are not only a mold supplier, but also a technology provider that optimizes quality, cost and product performance.

—We can provide you with the most favorable price. We have a strong network of manufacturers and material suppliers. For each product, we will select the appropriate supplier at the lowest cost to meet customer expectations.

-Good communication. We communicate effectively with customers on business and technical issues.

-Quality assurance. Before the work starts, we will predefine the quality requirements. Qualified quality control personnel will check the quality on site during the manufacturing process and before shipment.

—Provide warranty: If there is a quality problem, we will send replacement parts to the customer as soon as possible.

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