The bumper system actually consists of the following parts

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the importance of automobile safety performance in various countries and the improvement of consumer aesthetics, automotive bumpers have also undergone major changes, from bare bumpers to outer skins, metal materials to Polymer materials, from old-fashioned shapes to modern shapes incorporating aerodynamic elements, bumpers as a key appearance always surprise us.
In a broad sense, a bumper system actually consists of the following parts:
1. Bumper cover, such as skin, grille, MIC / paint / plating trim, etc .;
Main role: to provide the appearance of the bumper;
2. Vehicle low-speed collision protection system, such as front / rear bumper;
Main role: to meet low-speed collision regulations and reduce vehicle damage during collisions. Improve high-speed collision performance;
3. Pedestrian protection systems, such as energy-absorbing blocks, integrated / independent pedestrian protection poles, etc .;
Main role: Meet national Ped-Pro regulations, reduce vehicle damage to pedestrians;
4. Other accessory systems, such as: lamps, ACC / temperature / RPA sensors, HID headlight washing brackets, etc .;
Main role: Provide diversified auxiliary functions.
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