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Common quotation calculation methods for molds

Mould price calculation

Empirical calculation method
Mold price = material cost + design cost + processing cost and profit + VAT + mold test cost + packaging and transportation cost, the proportions are usually:
Material cost: Materials and standard parts account for 15% -30% of the total mold cost; Processing cost and profit: 30% -50%; Design fee: 10% -15% of the total mold cost Within 3%, precision molds are controlled within 5%; packaging and transportation costs: can be calculated based on actual or 3%; VAT: 17%

2. Material Coefficient Method

The mold material cost can be calculated according to the mold size and material price.
Mold price = (6 ~ 10) * material cost, forging mold, plastic mold = 6 * material cost, die-casting mold = 10 * material cost.

Mold quotation estimate

  • 1. First of all, it depends on the customer's requirements, because the requirements determine the choice of materials and heat treatment process.
  • 2. Select a good material and draw a rough mold scheme diagram, and calculate the weight of the mold (calculate the price of the core material and the mold base material) and the cost of heat treatment. (Both hair germ weight)
  • 3. Processing cost. According to the complexity of the mold core, the processing cost is generally 1.5 ~ 3: 1, and the processing cost of the mold base is generally 1: 1.
  • 4. The risk cost is 10% of the total price.
  • 5.Taxes
  • 6. The design cost is 10% of the total price of the mold.

Mould quoting strategy and settlement method

The quotation and settlement of the mold is the continuation and result of the mold evaluation. From the evaluation of the mold to the quotation of the mold, it is only the first step, and the ultimate purpose of the mold is to settle the mold after it is delivered and used to form the final mold settlement price. In this process, people always hope that mold valuation = mold price = mold settlement price. In actual operation, these four prices are not completely equal, and fluctuation error values ​​may occur. This is the issue to be discussed below.
After the mold is evaluated, it needs to be processed appropriately, and the quotation of the mold must be sorted out to form the basis for signing the mold processing contract. After repeated negotiations, a mold price agreed by both parties was finally formed and a contract was signed. In order to formally start the processing of the mold.
After the mold is evaluated, it cannot be used as a quotation immediately. Generally speaking, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis based on market conditions, customer psychology, competitors, status and other factors, properly arrange the valuation, and increase the first quote by 10-30% on the basis of the valuation. After bargaining, the quotation can be reduced according to the actual situation. However, when the negotiated price of the mold is less than 10% of the estimated value, it is necessary to re-evaluate the refinement and refinement of the mold. Under the condition that the guaranteed cost is favorable, a mold processing contract is signed to finally determine the mold price. The price of the mold is the price agreed on by both parties and signed on the contract.
The mold price formed at this time may be higher or lower than the estimate. When the price of the negotiated mold is lower than the guaranteed price of the mold, it is necessary to re-submit the modification of the mold requirements, conditions, plans, etc., and reduce some requirements in order to reduce the cost of the mold. After re-evaluation, then sign a mold price contract. It should be pointed out that molds are special products with high scientific and technological content, and should not be used at low prices or even at a loss to cater to customers. Instead, we should achieve high quality and good prices, and ensure the quality, accuracy, and life of the molds in the first place, and we should not take the mold prices too seriously, otherwise it will easily cause misleading actions. Pursuing the low price of the mold, it is difficult to ensure the quality, accuracy and life of the mold. Cheap is generally not what the mold industry does. However, when the manufacturing of the mold and the product development and production are in the same accounting unit or have an economic interest relationship, in this case, the price of the mold should be quoted at its cost price.
mould price

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