cap mould machining


Analyze the processing technology of bottle cap mold

The injection bottle cap mold is the most widely used mold among all plastic molds nowadays, and it can form complex high-precision plastic products. This subject is the design and analysis of the plastic bottle cap mold.
Use Pro / E to realize the three-dimensional design of plastic bottle caps and the design of mold forming parts, analyze the molding quality of the part and complete the design of the parting surface, and then use CIMATRION to achieve its numerical control simulation processing, and in the product design and mold assembly process In the auxiliary, necessary theoretical calculations, combining digital design with theoretical calculations, can greatly shorten the product development cycle, mold design cycle, improve the accuracy of product design and mold design, product molding quality, reduce product development and mold design costs . In the design process, a reasonable process plan was formulated to meet the mass production requirements. At the same time, detailed process documents have been compiled to ensure the smooth processing of molds and the production of products.
 The surface between the cap body and the anti-counterfeit ring is used as a parting surface to force the product to be demoulded. The flow channel adopts a ring-shaped cold material cavity, which is convenient to take out the main channel condensate and plastic parts when demolding, to ensure that the molten plastic can reach the inlet of each cavity at the same time. In order to make the movable and fixed molds move accurately, the guide and positioning mechanism uses the cooperation of the guide post and the guide sleeve. The ejection mechanism is an ejection mechanism pushed out by the push rod. In consideration of the positional relationship of the parts, the cooling water channel is distributed in a circular manner so that the cooling is uniform and rapid.
cap mould machining

Key points of EDM precision cap mold

Cap EDM Precision Machining
With the continuous development of the modern mold manufacturing level, the requirements for mold manufacturing are getting higher and higher. Many mold manufacturing companies' manufacturing objects are also placed in precision molds. For the manufacture of cavity molds, EDM has always been a relatively precise machining method. Although high-speed machining centers can now be used to process some precision parts in cavity molds, deep and narrow small cavities, groove corners, and special and complex shapes in cavity molds must be completed by EDM. The main points of cavity mold are explained.
The precision of EDM precision cavity molds is expressed in B aspects such as dimensional accuracy, profiling accuracy, and surface quality. When processing precision cavity molds, the size requirements of each part should be correctly analyzed, and the dimensional accuracy of different places should be flexibly controlled. Special attention should be paid to those parts with high size requirements. The important dimensional tolerances in precision cavity molds can reach ± ​​2-3 μm, which can be seen. The rigor of its size requirements. The profiling accuracy is also high. The cavity should be clear and the edges and corners should be clear. The surface roughness value is uniform and reaches the predetermined surface roughness value. Generally, the Ra value is required to be very small, and even the mirror surface processing is required. In addition, the thickness of the surface modification layer of the EDM processing portion is small.
 Each link in the EDM precision cavity mold is very important, and each link is related. Only by grasping every link and paying attention to every processing detail can we guarantee the final processing accuracy.

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