Description of plastic bottle cap packaging materials


Description of plastic bottle cap packaging materials

Packaging materials refer to the materials used for manufacturing packaging containers, packaging and decoration, packaging and printing, packaging and transportation to meet the product packaging requirements. They include metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, bamboo, wild mushrooms, natural fiber, chemical fiber, composite materials and other major packaging materials, as well as coating, adhesive, strapping, decoration, printing materials and other auxiliary materials Supporting materials.
1. Certain mechanical properties
Packaging materials should be able to effectively protect products. Therefore, they should have certain strength, toughness and elasticity to adapt to the influence of static and dynamic factors such as pressure, impact and vibration.
2. Septal performance
According to the different requirements of product packaging, the packaging materials should have certain barrier to moisture, steam, gas, light, fragrance, peculiar smell, heat, etc.
3. Good safety performance
The toxicity of the packaging material itself shall be small, so as not to pollute the product and affect human health; the packaging material shall be non corrosive, and shall have the properties of insect proof, moth proof, rat proof and microbe inhibition, so as to protect the product safety.
4. Suitable processing performance
Packaging materials shall be suitable for processing and easy to be made into all kinds of packaging containers, which shall be easy to be mechanized and automated for packaging operation, so as to adapt to large-scale industrial production, which shall be suitable for printing and convenient for printing packaging marks
5. Better economic performance
Packaging materials should be widely sourced, easily obtained and low-cost. Packaging materials and containers after use should be easy to handle, not polluting the environment, so as to avoid public hazards.
6. Proper use of packaging materials is related to cost and safety performance of product transportation
Using appropriate packaging materials to package products can save a lot of cost, and using lower cost can also make products get the safest protection.

PC material used in plastic bottle cap products

PC material is widely used in industrial production. PC material has many advantages, such as self extinguishing, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, good insulation, non-toxic, colorable and so on. Its strength can meet the requirements from mobile phone to bulletproof glass. High temperature can be up to 125 degrees, low temperature can be up to minus 40 degrees.
Due to the good light transmittance of PC material, it is widely used in the production and manufacture of lighting appliances. Many lampshades are made of PC material. At the same time, because of its non-toxic, many baby products, sports cups, etc. are also made of PC materials.
PC material has good ductility, easy forming and stability, so it is widely used. In addition to the plastic bottles used in daily life, plastic cosmetic bottles, plastic medicine bottles, etc. It is also used in film sheet series, such as shopping bags for daily use; film, photographic film and other substrates; electrical components, auto parts, mechanical equipment and other fields are also widely used.
cap material

Special steel for production of bottle cap mould

Professional design of the bottle cap mold, unique hot runner process and perfect cold runner design structure, plus a good cooling water circulation system, so that the mold can be produced in a high-speed environment, and the products produced are the same inside and outside. The mold steel adopts the special steel suitable for each mold production, so that the hardness after heat treatment can reach more than 50 degrees.
Scope of business: we can provide one bottle cap mould with 1 to 72 cavities for: mineral water bottle cap, mould five gallon mould hot runner system oil bottle cap, mould soy sauce lid mould other bottle caps, mould daily cosmetics lid mould, specialized in making high quality bottle cap mould and bottle blank, uniform design of flow channel, efficient and reasonable cooling system, short injection cycle, long mould life, affordable price and fast delivery We are looking forward to friendly cooperation with your company to create a win-win situation.
We are committed to the research and manufacturing of bottle cap mold, and have accumulated rich design technology and manufacturing experience after years of hard work, especially mastering certain core technology for the production of mineral water bottle cap, oil cap and pharmaceutical bottle cap mold.

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