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washing machine mould manufacturer.The washing machine plastic parts mould we made is including washing machine inner cylinder mould, washing machine shell mould, washing machine knob mould, washing machine cover mold, washing machine contro....

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Seaco molds manufacture more than 30 sets of various washing machine molds, some washing machine molds for 7KG capacity, and some washing machine molds for 8KG. We have extensive experience in washing machine mold manufacturing.
The main advantages of Seaco molds in household appliance molds such as washing machine molds are the surface finish of the washing machine and the plastic assembly effect. As you know, all plastic appliance parts, especially LG, SEMENS and other famous brands, the assembly effect is very important for the brand. Therefore, it is necessary to have high processing precision. Choosing the brightest steel, such as NAK80 steel, is a great help for polishing. And due to the material properties, the mold still maintains a high processing capacity in the case of high HRC. Therefore, after long-term operation, the plastic mold still works perfectly in terms of parting line and final light.

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