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All products of household appliances require injection molding. With the development of industry, the application of household appliance molds is more and more extensive, the performance and quality requirements of household appliance molds are getting higher and higher, and the production technology is also constantly improving. Designing and drawing the structural drawings and parts drawings of home appliance molds, specifying design requirements and manufacturing technical conditions, is the first core technology in the process of home appliance mold processing.

Plastic Home Appliance Mould Making Process

Mold description:

Home Appliance Mould

Purchase order

Customer offer PO to confirm the order


We send PI for payment


Within 3days 50%down payment by TT

Parts design

3days to modify and confirm

Mold flow

Before mold design moldflow to analysis injection

Mold design:

5days to make mold design


3D mold design confirmation to start machining

Order steel:

5days steel will arrive us for machining

Rough machining

Raw steel flying knife processing to machine

Heat treatment

After rough machining




Nitride with surface hardness 48HRC

Fine machine:

High speed CNC, three or five axis CNC

Fine machining

High speed engraving machining

Fine machine:

Fine EDM, wire cutting


3days to assembly for test


Manual high quality process

Surface finish:

Mirror polishing to get good appearance


EDM or wire cutting texture


Hardness HRC55-60, run automatic

Suitable for:

Injection machine


50day after confirmation mould design


50% balance by TT


1-2weeks after balance and samples confirmation


By sea from Ningbo Port China

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